YK11 Inspection: Shocking Facts You Didn’t Expect! [Truth Inside]

YK11 Inspection: Shocking Facts You Didn’t Expect! [Truth Inside]

There is a good deal of talk in bodybuilding circles around YK11’s ability to help bodybuilders realize ultimate physical and psychological potential. The news gets even more exciting since users claim this SARM doesn’t include any side effects at all.

At face value, YK11 appears like a regular SARM but on closer inspection, you’ll find that this is not any ordinary compound.

In this guide, we’re going to explore whatever you need to learn about this compound, from its mechanism of activity to its negative effects and possible risks.


The bodybuilding community’s attention in YK11 comes out of the fact that it promises to supply rapid muscle gains without any of those side effects that everybody hates.

In a mobile study that was conducted to ascertain the action and effects of YK11, it was found that this medication can increase muscle mass by escalating the increase of follistatin (a myostatin inhibitor); a well-known muscle-building protein.

Another study indicates that it has the potential to stimulate bone-building proteins to help enhance bone health. Bodybuilders who have used YK can attest to its amazing capacity to stimulate fat loss while increasing muscle increases with no visible side effects. But without the animal or human studies to back those claims, there is no telling how true they are.

Like other SARMs, YK-11 is a banned substance based on the World Anti-Doping Agency, which means it is off-limits for competing athletes and bodybuilders alike.


Most users refer to YK11 as a SARM for lack of a better term to describe it. However, depending on the research I’ve done it appears to differ.

Some say it’s a myostatin inhibitor. However, it still isn’t really clear whether it is actually a selective androgen receptor modulator.

According to the few studies that were conducted, it has a very discriminating impact on androgen receptors, whereas SARMs function directly through androgen receptors without demonstrating any discerning qualities.


YK11 has a similar chemical structure to DHT and this can be shown by the way it binds to androgen receptors. The body creates DHT naturally with the intention of promoting prostate health, hair growth, and proper puberty development.

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If we were to course YK11 for a SARM then it’d be the most powerful and most powerful of its type available on the market. That is because it only activates androgen receptors partially, which causes the metabolic androgenic activity to shoot through the roof. Additionally, YK11 is called a myostatin inhibitor.

Researchers did a cell study to discover how it functions to put on muscle. The results demonstrate that it simply intends to increase follistatin levels. Follistatin is another naturally occurring protein in the human body that helps maintain myostatin in check. Myostatin is a hormone whose occupation is to curb unbridled muscle growth.

So far, only YK11 has the capability to inhibit myostatin.

Additional evidence suggests that YK11 can also promote bone growth by interfering with a gateway that functions like DHT.


Increases Muscle Size
While YK11 is not a SARM per se, it’s an incredible ability to stimulate muscle growth. It’s said to be as powerful as S23.

That’s because it naturally raises follistatin levels which in turn enhances your body’s ability to create cells. Follistatin is also in charge of suppressing myostatin, thus opening up you into the possibility of limitless muscle growth. However, if follistatin effects are inhibited at all, then myostatin inhibition can’t occur, which would render YK11 unsuccessful.

Not to sound like a broken record but there aren’t any human or animal studies to back up the data on this compound.

All we have is anecdotal evidence based on bodybuilder reviews on forums. What they tell us is that they’ve been able to experience substantial fat reduction and 15 lbs worth of lean muscle gains in a short amount of time.

Strengthens Bones

Sex hormones are essential for maintaining strong and wholesome bones. Available evidence demonstrates that YK11 might increase bone strength by binding itself to androgen receptors, which is similar to what most SARMs do.
YK11 can also increase the amount of activated PKB (protein kinase B) within the human body’s cells which facilitates the growth of cells.

Let’s not overlook that you want to have strong, healthy muscles and bones to avoid fractures. It can have the ability to help in this respect as well since it is very effective at building muscle, encouraging bone health and mitigating the consequences of bone fragility.


Bodybuilders who have used YK11 say that carrying it in dosages of 10 to 15 mg daily works just fine for them. Others have reported favorable results on 5 mg every day.

I can’t really say anything concerning doses. But most seem to study with a fairly low dose. There have been no reported side effects regardless of the dosage.

Most consumers cycle it for 4 to 8 weeks. You’ll also find users that stack different SARMs together.

YK11 does not have a proven half-life because there are very limited data on it.

However, most users prefer to split it into two doses daily to make the most of its half-life and stabilize the medication.

For even greater results, users recommend stacking it with different SARMs such as RAD-140 or Andarine, while reducing the YK11 dose to 5 mg per day.

As for me, I would not suggest piling SARMs together. It is going to definitely increase the risk of side effects.


Up to now, only mobile studies have been conducted on YK11.

There is no clinical proof or even animal studies to back up any of the claims which are being made about the drug.

This ought to make you think twice about researching with this compound. Maybe you should have a look at various compounds like Ostarine and Ligandrol. They have a good deal more info and research available.

It is said that YK11 may be toxic to the liver. Hypothetically speaking, it can affect hair growth, vocal cord, prostate health as well as other important organs in the body.


YK11 can be obtained as a research compound. This means that you should only buy it from trusted sources.

Wherever you opt to buy it, it’s vital that you remember the reputation behind the seller and ensure you receive the appropriate dose.

There are a whole lot of fraudsters out there who are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting and well-meaning consumers. Only purchase from approved sources.

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I actually examined multiple of their merchandise and all came back accurate. Check them out if you are considering SARMs!


YK11 is just one of the strongest substances available right now and it has very strong effects. But since we don’t have enough info on this, we can not exactly compare it to a SARM just yet.

If you are interested in attaining with SARMs I’d suggest checking out the choices available on the market.