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Expensive Sports League


When sports teams are coming together to compete with each other, it is considered a sports league. Any international professional leagues involve numerous teams, and thousands of players have a lot in terms of money as they roll in millions of dollars in revenue some of the most expensive sports league in terms of revenue includes:


National Football League

National Football League or NFL is organised from the week following labour day with each club having to play at least 16 games a season which also includes wild card entries and then the championship is finally decided by the Ultimate Super Bowl, a game between the NFC and the AFC. The league earned over total revenue of $7371.7 million in 2013 and each team that has participated earns an average revenue of $230.4 million on the same season of NFL

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball plays 162 games each season. MBL set the world record of the highest season attendance with around 74 million spectators witnessing the event. A total f 30 top American Baseball clubs regularly participate, as it is one of the top championship events of professional baseball in the US and Canada. This league recorded total revenue of $7310.9 million in 2014, and each of the team gets an average revenue of 243.7 million in the same season of MBL


National Baseball Association

National Baseball Association is a major part of IBF recognition as NBA is the national basketball governing body in the US. NBA stars are among the worlds highest paid sports personalities. This league was first established in 1946 in New York City. Top 30 American and Canadian team get together and participate in this event. The league earned a total revenue of $3667 million in 2013, and each team has earned a total revenue of $122.2 million on the same season of the league.


Premier League

Premier League

Premier League since 1992 consists of 380 matches where each team play 38 matches. This league is now officially known as Barclays Premier league due to Barclay being the official sponsor. A total of top 20 English soccer clubs regularly participate in England and Whales. The league has earned a total revenue of $ 3200 million in 2013 season of the championship, and each team got a revenue of up to $160 million the same season.


National Hockey League

Thirty of the top Canadian and American Ice hockey clubs regularly participate in the National Hockey League. This is one of the biggest championship events in professional Ice hockey in the US and Canada. The current National Hockey League was first organised in Montreal, Quebec in the year 1917. The Stanley Cup, one of the oldest sports trophy is awarded annually at the end of the season. This league earned a total revenue of $2971 million in 2013, and each team earned a revenue of $99 million in the same season.

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