PureRawz Review: Legit? — The Truth Exposed!

PureRawz Review: Legit? — The Truth Exposed!

In today’s article, we’re going to be reviewing a different well-known SARMS and study compound vendor.

I am talking about PureRawz. They have been around for quite some time and have a wide array of merchandise.

In this PureRawz review, we’re going to check what they’re about and if they are legitimate.

PureRawz Product Range

The very first thing I discovered when assessing the PureRawz site was the massive variety of unique products. You will pretty much find everything, I’m speaking SARMs, Nootropics, Prohormones and even Kratom.

PureRawz Review - Is Purerawz Legit ?

But, I was unable to find any third-party testing on the compounds they sell. For all we know, they may be selling the products without having them examined. If that it’s the situation, it’s quite alarming.

They definitely have one of the biggest assortments in contrast to other SARMs vendors such as SARMx. What I like about this business is they have all the chemicals available as either capsules tablets or liquids.

I found Purerawz to be rather expensive. A jar of RAD-140 (Testolone) is nearly $100 in 60 capsules containing 20mg each.

You’ll also realize that they market SARMs stacks. Take their product Kraken for instance, it’s got a blend of LGD-4033, S-23 and YK-11. In my view, that is quite a powerful stack that I would never use.

I have noticed that at the time of writing this Purerawz review, a great deal of the products were out of stock. I am not positive whether that is temporary or not.

What type of chemicals do they carry? Well, the SARMs for sale include…

  • MK-2866
  • LGD-4033
  • MK-677
  • SR-9009
  • GW-501516
  • YK-11
  • RAD-140

Nonetheless, you will also find the popular ones like ACP-105 and LGD-3033. It’s also great to realize that they inventory several prohormones like 1-Andro and Epiandrosterone. Heck, these guys even take Laxogenin for the ones that are interested.

PureRawz also has several Post Cycle Therapy ancillaries such as Arimistane and Clomid. That means that they also have products for a proper SARMs PCT.

Can Be PureRawz Legit?

As always men, it all comes down to a single question.

Do I think PureRawz is untrue?

From what I have seen and heard, this business seems to do alright. As there is no third party testing available, I’m still skeptical about buying from PureRawz. Personally, I find it to be extremely important to understand what I will be getting.

I’ve done quite some research on this vendor and have read through a lot of Purerawz testimonials.

And I’m perplexed, to say the least as there are mixed opinions about whether or not they are legit. Take a look for yourself and you will understand what I mean.

I have discovered some people assert that they sell bunk products, but I don’t completely believe that. I think some people today expect a lot from SARMs. They’re very effective but you will still have to put in the work.

On the flip side, you will also find individuals that assert that they do sell legitimate research chemicals.

Unfortunately, that is all I can say about this corporation. If you have experience with them, definitely let us know down in the remarks.

My Advice On Purchasing SARMs

If you want my advice, buy your SARMs from a reputable vendor with third-party testing accessible.

Throughout time, I have tried many unique resources and discovered the quality from a lot of vendors to be inconsistent.

Now, I just buy my research materials out of SARMSX. After multiple buys from these men, I’m absolutely positive that they sell the real deal.

They also have up so far third party evaluations out there for all of the SARMs they sell. This is essential when it comes to proving quality.

PureRawz Review

Product Range – 7.5/10
Quality Of Products – 5.5/10
User Reviews – 5.5/10
Customer Service – 6.5/10
Overall – 6.3/10