Anavar For Sale: Do Not Buy Oxandrolone Until You Read This Review!

Anavar For Sale: Do Not Buy Oxandrolone Until You Read This Review!

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Video: Does it really worth it?

By being a female-friendly steroid to be completely side-effect free, Anavar has earned many an accolade in the internet era.

Just how much of it holds true however?

Exactly what does the average gym rat expect to get out of an Anavar cycle?

Since it’s touted as being the most popular steroid of them all, do you do without a PCT at a short Anavar cycle?

Will you gain muscle? Will you keep muscle while on a cut? Are you going to look shredded?

Just how much of these gains will you be able to maintain the post cycle?

Let us decode Anavar.

What’s Anavar?

Oxandrolone or Anavar is a 17 alpha-alkylated (C17–aa) orally active anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

It was first formulated in 1969 by G.D Searle & co.

And for more than two years, it was widely utilized in therapeutic applications such as treating osteoporosis, and dramatic weight loss due to terminal disease and muscle wasting.

One of the reasons why Anavar was preferred over other, more effective steroidal medication is because of the mild nature.

Yes, it is generally among the safest, well-tolerated anabolic androgenic chemicals in the world.

However, there’s a catch.

In 1989, the FDA cracked down on Big Pharma over the sale and use of anabolic steroids. This caused a whole group of products to be taken off the shelves.

These goods then shifted to underground labs.

And Oxandrolone, which was cheap and readily available became ridiculously pricey and counterfeited.

That’s among the reasons why many athletes shy away from using Anavar nowadays.

It is nearly impossible to find access to Pharma tier Anavar. UG labs store products that are seriously under dosed or laced with other androgenic compounds.

Secondly, if you do manage to get your hands on 95% pure Oxandrolone, then it is going to cost you 200% more than what a simple Test-E or Test-Cyp cycle will cost you.

Do the benefits justify the cost?

Price Vs. Benefit: The Ramifications of Anavar

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Despite having to cover the nose and the risk of landing bunk gear, a lot of users still opt for an Anavar cycle.

That’s because Anavar is one of the best, ‘aesthetic’ steroids.

If you aren’t seeking to turn into a mass-monster and also have fairly low body fat to begin with, then Oxandrolone will provide you the perfect finishing touch.


The first and most notable Var effect will be the veins. For many users, this starts to show in the mirror as early as week two. But it is around the 6-8-week period that Var actually begins to shine. The vascularity will probably be insane. With a clean diet and some heavy lifts, that is’Sylvester Stallone in Rambo III’ level vascularity which you are gunning for.


Anyone who is done orals will vouch for the painful pumps that some of them can cause. Anadrol is notorious for this. Anavar will give you the pumps without the pain. Your muscles start to look fuller and more difficult. The pumps continue all day. And for a lot of users, it continues for a couple of weeks following cycle.

Mass Profit
Volume gains will probably be moderate. But if you are eating in a surplus, then you can make some dry muscular gains devoid of any bloat. And you’ll be able to keep the gains with little off-season compound aid. Remember, it is one of the handfuls of steroids that do not aromatize. Women love Anavar for this particular reason. It gives them good profits with minimal sides.


Anavar is among the best orals for strength advantages. In only a few weeks, you should observe a moderate increase in strength. Not as dramatic as Halotestin. But it is going to definitely be a massive step up from natural training. For an athlete, that’s added speed, power and strength.

Fat Loss

Whether Anavar directly causes lipolysis is a matter of debate. What’s known is that being a powerful androgen, it raises metabolism that may quicken the rate of fat loss. A club that using the extra vascularity and muscle hardness and you begin to seem shredded and thinner.

Connective Tissue

A small but growing number of individuals also use Anavar for the curative benefits it offers. It assists in recovery after an accident and can also be supposedly wonderful for connective tissues. People who normally experience severe joint pain while on steroids, add Anavar midway during their cycle for this.

Is It Really A Side-Effect Complimentary Steroid?

Being gentle doesn’t equate to being side effects.

Anavar is a potent androgen. Along with a 17caa oral steroid that may stress your liver and your lipid levels.

Hepatotoxicity: Any oral anabolic steroid that needs to be bypassed via the liver will strain your liver. On the other hand, that the hepatotoxicity of oral steroids is exaggerated to some large extent. Yes, even your liver values will be amplified. But just follow normal PCT and utilize a liver supplement through and the following cycle. You should recover in a couple of weeks post cycle. Oh, almost forgot to mention, not drink whenever you’re using an oral steroid. That is a brief cut to liver strain.
Cholesterol: Anavar tends to be somewhat harsh in your lipid levels. It’s important that you adhere to a healthy diet and keep your eye on your lipids whenever you are using Anavar and for a few weeks after it.
Suppression: Anavar will suppress you severely. It might or might not close you down depending on the dosage you’re taking and your individual response to the medication. However, a normal PCT might be needed to help your body recover shortly. Some people also add 500IU HCG per week during a cycle to keep the pure testosterone levels upward.

What’s A Normal Anavar Dose?

In a performance-enhancement setting, the minimum recommended dose of Anavar is 50mg/day.

Note that a lot of users start with a much lower dose and bump this up after a couple of weeks.

Some users start with 100mg/day.

But guys can get good results with reduced doses and there is no need to increase the dose as it also increases the risk of sides.

Ladies can get good results with only 10mg/day.

Closing Thoughts

Any seasoned steroid consumer worth their salt will ask you to club Anavar using a low dose of Testosterone to get pretty good results.

But despite this, many users will still do an Anavar just cycle.

Provided that you don’t expect dramatic results, an Anavar only cycle will provide you decent profits.

Just ensure that you get pure, pharmaceutical grade Anavar.